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June 14, 2015
Buffalo Fly
December 14, 2015
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The Summer 2015 Outlook

With recent rainfall late in 2014 and good follow up falls in January the outlook for 2015 is looking far more promising than in previous years. There are some very good crops of sorghum and corn on the Inner Darling Downs. There are also some great crops on the Western Downs who have benefited from substantial rainfall in the past few months. Be aware and on the lookout for insect pests in crops. These include Plague Locusts, Midge in sorghum, Aphids and Heliothis in Mung Beans.

Cattle prices have kicked which is great, their value now warrants proper management to maximise returns. Beware Buffalo Fly is a problem in livestock at present. NFW stock a full range of treatments in store. If you are looking to drench animals we also carry a full range of drenches whether it be Horse, Cattle, Sheep, Pig, Goat, Alpaca or even Chickens. See Page 3 for full update of Buffalo Fly treatment options.

We have had huge enquiry for oat seed already this year, seed supply will be short so please order early to avoid missing out. See Page 2 for a full wrap up of availability.
With the flush of green feed about we can’t stress enough the importance of annual vaccination program. We have heard of a lot of sheep losses down south lately due to Pulpy Kidney from not vaccinating.

NFW stocks the full range of Zoetis Vaccines in stock from Cattle, Sheep, Horses and Pigs.
We at NFW are committed to servicing the needs of all the rural communities throughout the areas