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Gallagher M120 Mains Energiser
Gallagher M120 Mains Energiser
May 13, 2014
Gallagher B280 Battery Energiser
Gallagher B280 Battery Energiser
May 13, 2014
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Gallagher B80 Battery Energiser

Gallagher B80 Battery Energiser

$345.00 AUD


Multi Power Fence Enerigiser B80

Gallagher – Battery energiser. Powers up to 10 km of multiwire fencing. AC Power adaptor included FREE.

The B80 with 0.8 Joules of stored energy provides versatile animal control. This energizer can be used in mains powered permanent electric fencing or for fencing in remote areas with unreliable or no access to mains   power. Suitable for fencing all types of animal on small sized farms up to 8 acres.

  • Quick glance battery and fence voltage performance shown on indicator lights
  • Easy installation and good connection using split bolt recessed terminals
  • Multi power option – can be run on mains or battery power. Mains power adapter included
  • Easy to use rotary dial to change Energizer operating functions
  • Battery save modes – Random pulse mode provides 2.6x more battery life and night save mode provides 1.8x more battery life
  • Convert to solar operation with a solar package, including: Solar Panel, 12V 100AH Deep Cycle Battery and Battery Case. Refer to the Gallagher Solar and Battery Selection Guide for more information
  • Battery not included.
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