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Equivac 2 in 1
Equivac 2 in 1
May 13, 2014
Equivac TAT
Equivac TAT
May 13, 2014
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Equivac T

Equivac T

$26.00 AUD

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For the immunisation of horses,dogs,cattle,sheep,goats and pigs against Tetanus.

  • Description
  • Equivac® T vaccine is a tetanus vaccine manufactured by purifying and inactivating the toxin produced by the Clostridium tetani organism.
  • Approved Uses
  • Equivac® T vaccine is used to immunise animals against tetanus
  • Key Features
    • Stimulates a strong and durable immunity for the protection against tetanus
    • Very high level of purity and safety
    • Available in pre-filled single dose syringes or a 10mL multi-dose vial
    • Convenient product packaging for easy transport and storage
  • Packaging
  • Equivac® T Vaccine comes in a single dose prefilled single dose syringe or a 10ml multidose vial
  • Dosage and Administration
  • Given by intramuscular injection in the centre of the side of the neck
  •  Vaccination program for Horses
    Vaccination Age Disease Vaccine
    1st* 12 weeks Strangles
    Equivac® 2 in 1 vaccine
    2nd 14 weeks (2 weeks later) Strangles Equivac® 2 in 1 vaccine or Equivac® S Strangles Vaccine
    3rd 16 weeks (2 weeks later) Strangles
    Equivac® 2 in 1 vaccine
    Annual booster vaccinations 16 months (12 months later) Strangles
    Equivac® 2 in 1 vaccine
    Ongoing protection Annually Strangles Equivac® 2 in 1 vaccine or Equivac® S Strangles Vaccine
      Every 4 years Tetanus Equivac® T
  • *When commencing a vaccination program on an adult horse or horses with an unknown vaccination record, use the same vaccination program of three initial doses two weeks apart, followed by an annual booster dose.
  • Additional Information
    • The Equivac® range of vaccines is available from your veterinarian or most saddleries and feed stores.
    • Store at 2°-8°C (refrigerate)
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