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Agricon Products complete range for livestock nutrition

Agricon Products manufacture a wide range of nutrition products for the livestock, horse, pig and poultry industries.They supply a range of vitamin , mineral and protein premixes and supplements, as well as concentrates, liquid feeds and molasses blocks. Agricon know a thing or two about animal nutrition having been supplying the Australian marketplace from their Queensland manufacturing base for over thirty years.

Agricon Products was originally founded by Dr Harry Hornbuckle, vet and animal nutritionist with extensive experience in the production of animal feeds. Dr Harry still provides animal nutrition advice to resellers and producers alike and continues to develop new products for the Agricon range.

According to John Hornbuckle, sales manager and managing director for Agricon and Dr Harry’s son, “What makes Agricon different from other animal nutrition companies is that we supply an extensive range of products for a variety of animal types. This is particularly true of our molasses block range, where unlike any of our competitors, we can supply the complete needs for the reseller, right throughout the season.”

Agricon manufacture twelve different types of molasses blocks to cover a wide range of nutritional needs. “We have a range of urea blocks that help optimize utilization of dry and poor quality feed. We also have blocks to prevent bloat and grass tetany, or just provide a source of phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, or vitamin A when supplementation is required.

“Our blocks are supplied in a range of sizes from 20kg to 100kg, and we can even supply 1000kg blocks. Agricon can also custom make blocks to suit the individual requirement of customers. It highlights our flexibility, and we invite store managers to make contact so we can explain how we can help.”

Packaging is also a feature of Agricon block range. The blocks our packed in edible cardboard cartons so farmers don’t have to worry about cleaning up and disposing of plastic wrapping in the paddock.

Palatability, and resistance to weathering are features of the Agricon molasses block range. “We have been in the business a long time and feedback from our farmers and reseller customers tell us that our product quality is spot on! We know Agricon provides cost effective solutions to nutritional problems as farmers continue to request our products year after year,” added Mr Hornbuckle.

With a strong manufacturing base and a focused team, Agricon not only offer a complete range of animal nutrition products to resellers but offer a responsive service and flexibility that larger organizations are just not able to provide. Call into NFW today and discuss your requirements for all your livestock supplements.

Early Weaning – off to a good start

With the drought continuing in many areas, and with recent rainfalls in some areas, producers are weaning their calves earlier. They know that cows rapidly lose condition when feeding calves late in the season, and become harder to get back in calf. It benefits both the cow and calf to wean them early and feed the groups separately. But it’s not plain sailing – early weaning requires extra effort!!

Many farms will have weaners at least 5 months old at this time. The level of supplementary feeding required will depend on the available pasture. Parasites need to be controlled and adequate trace elements and vitamins need to be available to ensure the weaners continue to grow.

Controlling Ticks and Worms.

Applying a backline product such as Bomectin makes good sense at this time, as Buffalo Flies are still active in many areas. Weaners are more prone to parasite attack than adult cattle, and you don’t want to be feeding the Ticks and Buffalo flies as well as the weaners themselves!

There are also the worms inside the weaner that can’t be seen, but cause more severe damage when the nutrition is poor. The immune system that helps counter worm infection is stressed when the nutrition is low, so keeping the parasites under control will help the stock make the most of the available nutrition. Young animals are always under greater risk from blood-sucking parasites until they become adults and develop stronger immunity.

Bomectin Pour-on containing Ivermectin has the advantage of being highly active against the external parasites – ticks and buffalo flies, as well as treating the blood-sucking worms inside the young animal. Bomectin Pour On can offer up to 28 days protection against Buffalo Flies. Maximum tick efficacy is achieved 4-5 days after treatment. In planning a strategic tick control program, it should be noted that viable eggs may have been laid by engorged female ticks that drop from cattle in the initial days after treatment.

Vitamins and Minerals

Ruminants can synthesize some vitamins in the rumen. However green grass is the source of Vitamins A and E. The liver can store these vitamins for up to 6 months in adult stock, but young stock who may never have seen a blade of green grass will need supplementation with a Vitamin ADE injection or supplementation in the ration. A Vitamin B12 injection for calves and their mothers at this time of year can pay dividends too. Cobalife is a long acting for of Vitamin B12, and will give stock a boost at critical times – such as weaning, joining and calving. Vitamin B12 stimulates the appetite, an advantage when the remaining pasture is less palatable. With cows and weaners “doing it tough”, Bayer Cobalife is a cost-effective way to improve feed intake and prevent Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Graziers need to be aware of other conditions that can affect young livestock under stress. Early weaners are especially susceptible to Black Scours – coccidiosis. This is caused by a small parasite related to the amoeba, that causes bloody scours. The Bayer product Baycox Cattle Coccidiocide is a highly effective treatment for coccidiosis. It is a flexible product that can be used to treat an outbreak of coccidiosis or prevent the disease on properties where it regularly occurs. A single oral treatment can give up to 6 weeks’ control of coccidiosis.

Clostridial diseases such as pulpy kidney can also become a problem when the diet changes. Immunity only lasts around 6 months, so regular vaccination is necessary. Always vaccinate stock against Clostridial diseases (eg 5 in 1) at weaning along with a drench such as Bomectin to control internal and external parasites. For further information contact your local NFW Store who carry all these BAYER products and many more.