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December 14, 2015
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December 14, 2015
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Buffalo Fly


Buffalo fly are a major treat to cattle producers. As a result of good summer rainfall and higher temperatures over the past month or so Buffalo Fly numbers have spiked dramatically.

We have had a huge increase in sales for Buffalo Fly treatments in store. We currently have good supply in our store of

  • Demize Spray ( 5L or 20Litre )
  • Brute Pour on (1L or 5 Litre)
  • Coopers Easy Dose (1L , 6L or 20Litre)
  • Backrubbers (3 Metre Self Oiling)
  • AC Backrub Oil or RTU Cattle coat organic oil ( 20 Litre)
  • Tags – Single ear tag fly tags (Python Maxima & Patriot (providing up to 3-4 month protection)
  • Supona 5L
  • Nucidol 500ml

Please read product LABELS as some of these treatments may contain Withholding periods.


Buffalo fly seem to becoming a bigger problem each year. They will continue to persist until the cooler months. Buffalo fly are a huge problem and cost the beef and dairy industries millions of dollars in lost production each year. Each fly feeds up to 20 times a day by puncturing the skin and taking blood. Cattle left untreated may end up with skin lesions and the flies tend to cause the cattle discomfort and cattle may end up losing condition due to stress. Main areas affected seem to be contained to around the eyes, neck and brisket. Some breeds are more susceptible than others.


Contact you local NFW store to discuss your Buffalo Fly requirements today.